Where To Find Or Buy Old Beer Cans

Author: Ray Sherman        Posted: 2018-03-01

Perhaps you are one of the many people across the country who are entering the hobby of collecting old beer cans. Have you ever wondered where they find or buy these old beer cans?

For many collectors, the challenge of obtaining them for free is part of the fun and they purchase very few cans. Many of these folks attend conventions around the country and swap. Often a seasoned collector will get 2,3 or 4 cans for 1 of a particular beer brand, giving them more leverage for the next bartering deal and a better grade collectible.

One particularly good place to look for well-preserved cans is in the trunk and under the seats of old cars. Even a completely rusted out piece of junk could yield some nice cone top or flat top beer cans that have been well protected from the elements.

Old abandon houses, barns, sheds or cabins are also worth checking out. Be sure to check thoroughly. Look behind things and deep into closets or cupboards. You never know where someone may have stashed an old can many years ago!

A fast growing hobby known as can dumping is another way to find old beer cans. This is where you find an old dump, usually a small personal dump for no more than a few households, and dig for old cans. Believe it or not, the old paint on many of these cans will clean up nice enough for displaying or trading cans. There is a special process of cleaning these cans, usually with citric acid. It's not difficult nor dangerous.

For those that wish to purchase their cans, there are plenty of places to buy. Flea markets, yard and garage sales are hot spots for finding old beer cans. For one that knows vintage can values, some fantastic bargains will be found at these places.

There are many collectors and dealers online who will buy, sell and trade cans. A quick Google search will bring up a nice list. One of my favorite places is the online auction sites, like eBay! Here, you can find cans of all grades. From rare cone tops to average flat tops and starter cans like many of the zip top pull tab cans.

Buying old beer cans in lots is a popular eBay offering and a great way to find a few gems amongst the clutter! Buying in lots is also a nice way to kick-start a new beer can collection at an affordable price.
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