Turning Those Pop And Beer Cans Into Solar Heating For Your Home

Author: John Kirzno        Posted: 2018-01-30

Eleven states now have a recycling legislation. This legislation requires people in those states to pay a deposit on cans and bottles of pop and beer and sometimes other containers as well. After you return the container you get your deposit back. This encourages people to recycle these cans and bottles. But, since only 11 states have this legislation what do you think happens in the other 39 states?

If your guess is that most of those containers end up in landfills your right. However, there is a way for people in states that don't require a deposit to save money by recycling those old soda pop and beer cans. You can turn them into solar heating panels to help heat the home and cut down on your energy bill.

It's a great way of providing some warm heat to your home and do your share for the recycling movement.

Best of all building these solar panels is quite simple and inexpensive. All you need is lots of soda pop and beer cans, which you can collect from your neighbors as well as using those cans your own family has, some scraps of lumber to build a box to hold the pop cans and make the panel, some black paint for the cans and a bit of Plexiglas or even that old window pane that is sitting in the garage, attic, or barn, a few other odds and ends and a few simple tools.

There are plenty of articles on the Internet that tell you how to recycle these cans and turn them into a solar panel so it will be easy to get some simple to understand directions and a complete list of the materials you will need. It makes for a great do it yourself project and most people really enjoy making something that will in the end actually save them money.

Keep in mind that the larger the solar panels you make, the more surface the sun has to heat the more solar energy you will produce. Placing your recycled solar panels on the south side of your home where they will get the most direct sunlight will also result in more heat.

Also keep in mind that you can start with one solar panel and make more to increase the amount of solar energy you produce and to help reduce your heating costs even more. In areas where the weather doesn't get extremely cold these panels may turn out to be all the heat you really need during some of the cold spells you have. However, in colder areas and areas where there is less sun while these panels will definitely save you money they aren't going to heat a large home during a cold New England or Mid West winter.

Still, for those who live in these colder climates having a little extra heat on those cold days will be welcome and if you cut your heating bill even by a few dollars a month these panels will be well worth it.
So go ahead get a dumpster rental, start collecting those beverage cans and then recycle and save money by creating your own solar panels.
So go ahead get a dumpster rental.So go ahead get a dumpster rental, start collecting those beverage cans and then recycle and save money by creating your own solar panels.

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