Beer Can Collecting Antique Beer Cans Are Gaining Popularity?

Author: R.T. Bucher        Posted: 2018-03-14

Beer can collecting a long time passion of mine is starting to gain more popularity of late. With all the focus placed on micro brews, people are starting to rekindle the flame of antique beer cans. I enjoy being able to grab a rare find just like the next guy.

The history of beer can collecting differs from each persons own perspective. But, a lot of theories point to St. Louis, Missouri, when a man Denver Wright began accumulating a collection of beer cans. A few other people in the St. Louis area saw an article written about Denver and realized they were not the only ones with this passion. The next spring the rabid antique beer can fans formed the group BCCA, aka Beer Can Collectors of America.

Membership in the BCCA quickly exploded and beer manufactures began creating cans specifically aimed at collectors. The impact made people begin to wear out the fad. Similar to baseball card boom in the late 80's and early 90's. Soon after the baseball card boom, businesses began creating different types of cards and sets. It pumped so many different types of cards into the market. Hard core enthusiasts started dumping their cards and leaving the hobby.

The BCCA still exists today with members all over the country. Many enthusiasts have swung back in action and started to display their wares and begin the relentless search of beer can collecting. The internet now has made it very easy for hobbyists to swap and sell beer cans to one another. Blogs and dedications sites are popping up all over the web.

The once long forgotten hobby is picking up steam again and many collectors believe the internet lit the spark to the revolution.
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