Beer Antiques Are Fun For Everyone

Author: Jim Huinink        Posted: 2018-02-01

Good News! You can still have fun with alcohol even if you are not drinking! Within the world of alcohol collectibles there are many fun items you can purchase for your own collection or as a gift for someone else. Beer signs and beer posters are just some examples of fun gift ideas for people who like to imbibe and have not been introduced to the fun and fascinating world of historic, antique alcohol collectibles.
Here are some great examples of things you might want to collect or gift others with in order to introduce them to the world of antiquing.

Beer antique signs. Any kind of alcohol has a great history of advertising and beer is no exception. Online auction sites offer many interesting examples. Some of the funner signs we have found include posters of classic beer advertisements and spoofs of these classics with funny phrases such as "Beer, making people look good for a hundred years now."

Collectible beer cans. A conetop can still intact with some great clean refinishes or all original makes an excellent conversation piece or decorative item for your home bar or rec room.

Make your own poster. Sift through old magazines to find ubiquitous alcohol ads. Search through old magazines in used book stores. These magazines may have many other things worth framing and you can scan then edit these in a graphics program. Since many of these images are public domain (over 50 years old) you can likely do this with impunity (although you may want to check with the copyright's original holder just to be sure).

Wine-making kits make a great gift for the person who likes to do things her or himself. This can be the start of a very fun hobby for the handy person.

Other alcohol collectibles can include bottles of any kind but there are likely not many kinds of bottles and variations as what you will find in the world of beer history. Original rum running bottles can make very cool collectibles if you are interested in prohibition and the crime that arose around it, but they are a little more questionable as a gift.

Old alcohol ads and posters are interesting but there is probably nothing quite as gift-worthy as old beer signs and posters.
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