Antique Beer Cans Collecting Antique Beer Cans Is Easier Than Ever

Author: R.T. Bucher        Posted: 2018-03-29

Antique beer cans are becoming readily available thanks to the Internet it has afforded beer can hobbyists and enthusiasts a chance to get their hands on cans from around the world. The passion of beer can collecting began in St.Louis back in 1969. A group of gentleman formed a group called the BCCA and engraved their name in history forever.

Since, it has become common place for beer drinkers to display and show off their unique collections. It's been becoming increasing easier to swap and sell beer cans on the Internet. You have the ability to see other persons collection and the type of shape they are still in. The Internet has even allowed enthusiasts from all over the world to begin trading their favorite beer cans. It's a passion people all over the world can enjoy, you are just not limited to your country but all countries, thanks to the Internet.

I myself have many friends who have actively participated in antique beer can collecting. It's kinda passed down from generation to generation, from father to son and mother to daughter.I get to here about all the different types like flat top and cone top, I have even become familiar with a lot of the names like Hamden, Diplomat, Kueblers and Hackers to name a few.

It's amazing seeing the different variations antique beer cans and how they where manufactured. You get a sense and feel for every era. It's pretty neat when you here the stories how someone came across a odd looking can. Each can tells a story, I guess it's why so many people enjoy beer can collecting.
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